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Delivering our vision

We will deliver our vision for excellent education and training through:

Efficient and effective delivery

  • Development of an integrated multidisciplinary training, learning and development portfolio where courses are offered with clear learning objectives and levels of attainment, and reducing reliance on external providers
  • Co-ordinated administration of training and induction
  • Electronic and mobile training access to complement face-to-face delivery with blended learning
  • Creating a ‘service line’ commissioned financial model for education, where financial flows follow activity

Improved access and accreditation

  • Improved multidisciplinary access by consolidating courses and opening up existing training to a broader staff base
  • Using technology to reduce barriers to access and encourage ‘self-service’ and compliance with mandatory training
  • Working with local higher education institutions and national bodies to develop courses that support career and professional development through accreditation

Improving outcomes

  • Ensuring that progress towards educational goals is monitored and achieves the required learning
  • Ensuring that the educational experience of both the content and process of learning is excellent, and systematising student feedback
  • Providing timely and appropriate support for students
  • Implementing knowledge and competency assessment of learning objectives
  • Moving to a practice-based model where technology assisted learning is enhanced by observed practice, with trainers supporting real-time learning in the workplace.


  • Support the design, and delivery of, new training programmes to support the  Clinical Academic Group (CAG), organisational development and commissioned programmes
  • Developing training programmes related to staff roles and clinical pathways
  • Working with commissioners, patients and partner organisations to support their training and development
  • Linking individual role and personal development plan training to the delivery portfolio


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