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Statutory and mandatory training

We're committed to providing safe and compassionate patient care. In order to build and maintain these high safety standards, it is essential that all of our staff have the appropriate skills, knowledge and ability to undertake our roles.

To underpin this commitment, we have split Statutory and Mandatory Training into two sets of skills. We have adopted the Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) which contains a core set of skills and should be undertaken by all staff including new starters, who should complete them before commencement of employment with the Trust.

The second set of skills are role specific Essential skills. You are required to complete both your Core Skills and your Essential skills to be stat mand compliant. Please check WIRED before completing your Essential skills to ensure you only complete those necessary for your role. New starters must complete their Essential skills within six weeks of joining.

Completing your training is as easy as ABC

New starters to Barts Health

  • A: A unique identifier is required to enable you to complete your Core Skills interactive pdf (iPDF) quiz prior to starting at Barts Health. As you will not as yet have an assignment number for Barts Health which will be unique to you, your NI Number will be used. To protect your data the iPDF does not store your actual NI Number, an encrypted version  is used and stored when you submit your iPDF quiz. To obtain your encrypted NI number, go to Your encrypted number will then be emailed to you.
  • B: Once you have received you encrypted NI number, you will need to read the Core Skills study guides and complete the iPDF quiz for each Core Skills topic.
  • C: The Trust uses a stat mand database called WIRED to monitor compliance. Once in the Trust you will need to check your WIRED record, which will tell you which Essential skills you need to complete. You will need to read the study guides and complete the iPDF quizzes for these within 6 weeks of joining.

Existing Barts Health employees

Please note: You only need an encrypted NI number if you do not have an assignment number. Your assignment number (i.e. for existing members of staff) can be found at the top of your WIRED record.

  • A: Check your WIRED record on a Trust computer which will show which topics you need to complete and when they need to be renewed.
  • B: Complete the study guides and iPDF quizzes to gain compliance for any outstanding topics.
  • C: Book classroom sessions where necessary for topics that require face to face training.


Encrypted NI number

New starters only

Click here to obtain your encrypted NI number


Warning  In order to use the iPDF quizzes you will need Acrobat Reader version 11 or above. If you do not have this version please contact ICT.

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