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Friends of Whipps Cross University Hospital

The community fundraising charity for Whipps Cross University Hospital – raising funds for more than 60 years.


The Whipps Cross Hospital League of Friends is a charitable, fund-raising organisation run by volunteers. The aim of the League of Friends is to provide resources to help Whipps Cross Hospital achieve a standard of excellence for its patients. It raises money and allocates funds for medical and non-medical purposes, with the patients’ improved health, care and comfort as a priority.

The registered Charity number for the Friends of Whipps Cross University Hospital charity is: 226913

How awards are made

Awards for medical equipment and other resources are made by the committee of the League of Friends, which is made up of local people. The committee meets every month and will discuss and vote on requests for equipment and other resources in line with the formal constitution of the League.

Purchases made by the League of Friends

During 2012-13 the League of Friends has approved the following purchases to help local people have improved standards of medical care:

  • A defibrillator for the Eye Treatment Centre, cost £5,285
  • Two shower chairs for Wavell and Peace Wards, cost £3,240
  • An ultra sound fibroscan for the Gastroenterology Department, cost £17, 500
  • An electric saw for the Outpatients’ Plaster Department, cost £1,881.50
  • A 24 hour monitor for the Cardiac Unit, cost £2,402.50
  • Four TV sets for the Special Care Parents and Baby Unit, cost £1,000
  • Trainee nurses’ bursaries to encourage excellence in practice, cost £2,050
  • Christmas gifts for the elderly in hospital, cost £1,000

Other activities to support patients

The League of Friends provides small burseries. These are awarded to individual Whipps Cross Hospital students for excellence in nursing. Our most recently created bursary was awarded in 2012 for ‘Excellence in the Care of the Elderly’, to help promote high standards of care in an area which has been found to need urgent support on a national basis.

In addition, each year we also make sure than any adult patients who may be alone in the hospital receive a present on Christmas Day.

How we raise funds

Funds are raised in a variety of ways such as through events and also through individual donations and legacies. These are made by patients as well as friends and relatives grateful for the support their loved ones have received at Whipps Cross Hospital.

We run regular bootsales to raise money for the hospital. Visit the events section on our website to see when they are held. 

Sign up or make a donation

Donations can be made by simply dropping some coins into our letterbox as you are passing. The letter box is located in the main corridor of the hospital. Or if you would like to make a larger donation, these can be done by cheque or postal order to:

Mrs. Valerie Vallis, Treasurer
Whipps Cross Hospital League of Friends
c/o 52 Mansfield Hill
Chingford, E4 7JT

When making a donation, maybe because you chose to remember a loved one or a friend this way, we will write to thank you. You will also be asked to complete a simple form.

How to join the League of Friends

All of the League of Friends’ members are from the local population served by Whipps Cross Hospital. The more members we have, the more representative of the local community we can be.

If you would like to be a member you can join us in two ways:

  • As an ordinary life member or by annual subscription.
  • As a member of the decision-making committee.

Subscription costs are £10 for life membership or £2 for annual membership.

Become a committee member

Committee members are expected to help to raise funds in some way throughout the year and also make a commitment to attending meetings on a regular basis. This means you can vote on how the funds are distributed in the hospital.

Ordinary membership

Ordinary members do not have to attend meetings. However, any member is welcome to help with fund-raising activities. If you can help on a regular basis then that is great. However, if you can only spare the time to support occasional fund-raising drives then that is very welcome too.

Contact details

Please contact the membership secretary, Mrs Valerie Vallis on tel: 020 8529 2322 for further information about how to help raise money for Whipps Cross Hospital through the League of Friends.


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