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GP news is designed to give you practical information about the operational and clinical areas across our hospitals.

New mailboxes for cancer 2ww referrals and single point of access requests and information

31 March 2016

Barts Health are moving to a more resilient and secure platform for receiving suspected 2ww cancer referrals, single point of access requests and related information. A number of secure mailboxes have been established to replace existing fax routes.

Changes to the AIRs eFax

31 March 2016

Barts Health NHS Trust is moving to a more resilient and secure platform for receiving messages to the AIRS service.

Advanced notice: electronic patient record downtime, 9 April

21 March 2016

On Saturday 9 April, we will upgrade our core clinical system (Millennium) used for electronic patient records while we complete a major code upgrade to version 2015. 

CLARIFICATION: Technical issues affecting Clinical Biochemistry test results

04 March 2016

A technical problem was identified in the measurement of some ferritin, folate, AFP, testosterone, vitamin D, CA125, CEA, prolactin, PSA and PTH results analysed between 9-14 February 2016. A second technical issue affected some phosphate results that were analysed between 14-26 February 2016.

Clarification of swab containers

04 March 2016

The Barts Health pathology service have produced an information sheet describing the required swab containers for each test required.

New number for Newham urgent paediatric advice

03 March 2016

The Newham paediatric GP hotline has a new number: 07715633922.

Updated specimen container request forms

01 March 2016

There are now updated specimen container request forms for Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

Calcium measurement at The Royal London Hospital

22 February 2016

A technical problem with calcium measurement at The Royal London Hospital affected a small proportion of samples run between 1st and 4th of February 2016. This has now been resolved and we are not aware of any clinical issues resulting from it. Howerver you have encountered a result reported during this period which appears unexpected in the clinical context you may wish to send a further sample for repeat measurement.

Pathology supplies of specimen containers

22 February 2016

While we appreciate that most surgeries order containers responsibly, we have found that generally the number of containers issued is much higher than the number of specimens which are being received. We request that all practices do not exceed expected usage for the next three months, and that orders are placed well in advance.


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