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Depending on the urgency, and in some cases the specialty, there are different routes to follow when referring your patients to services across our hospitals.

NHS e-Referral (formally Choose and Book)

In general, we ask all those referring to our hospitals to use NHS e-Referral wherever possible. This will help to ensure your referral is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

View a list all of our clinics available on NHS e-Referral.

Urgent cancer referrals

All cancer two week wait services are available on Choose and Book.

Although Choose and Book is the preferred method for referring these patients, you can still download referral forms for urgent cancer patients.

Written and exception referrals

For some of our specialised and exception services at The Royal London, St Bartholomew and Mile End hospitals, Choose and Book is not always available.

Find a guidance on how to provide a written referral to these services here

Dental referrals

Find how to refer to The Royal London dental hospital here

Service information for clinicians

Each of our services have a dedicated webpage for clinicians, some with more detailed referral and guidance information. You can view all of our clinical services here.


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