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Barts Health has improved - say staff

07 March 2017

Barts Health is the most improved of 175 NHS organisations - according to a national survey of NHS staff.

An annual survey has shown that more Barts Health staff are satisfied with the quality of care they provide to patients compared to the average in the NHS. Care of patients is also the Trust’s top priority, according to its staff.

Also compared to other NHS organisations, more Trust staff say that their role makes a difference to patients and they look forward to coming to work.

The survey of NHS employees by Picker Institute Europe asked staff to score their working conditions and the quality of patient care in their place of work.

Stephen Bough, Head of Staff Feedback at Picker said: "I congratulate Barts Health on a substantial increase in many of its scores, indicative of wider improvements at the Trust."

Results from the latest survey, which ran from September to December 2016, show a marked improvement in the Trust's previous year's scores, with gains in almost all areas surveyed. Its score did not decrease in any area.

More staff now say that Barts Health is a caring organisation, acts on concerns raised by patients and they are happier with the standard of care provided when compared to the previous year's results.

In addition staff report good communication between themselves and senior management, with 11 per cent more now recommending Barts Health as a place to work.

Alwen Williams, Chief Executive at Barts Health NHS Trust said: "I am thrilled that staff are realising and benefiting from the many improvements achieved across the Trust, which are testament to their hard work and commitment. Knowing that staff satisfaction is necessary to quality patient care, and as nurses are often those closest to our patients, I am particularly pleased that nurses make up the largest majority of those who responded to the survey."

However, the Trust once again scored above the national average for the number of staff experiencing bullying and harassment or abuse within the previous 12 months - although the percentage of people experiencing this has fallen.

With more people now saying in the survey that they report concerns, the Trust will in particular focus on investigating 'hot spot' areas to better understand the concerns raised. The Trust has also rolled out training to increase the confidence of senior managers to act when they see something that isn't right.

"Abuse is not acceptable and we are doubling our efforts to drive it from our trust", Alwen added.

Positively, many staff who completed the survey also took time to write freehand comments, including:

“The Trust has been through enormous change since the leadership restructure. This has resulted in a huge and positive cultural change. This is a great place to work and I would recommend this as a place to work and also be a patient.”

“I am happy to be a part of this organisation and to know that the care towards my service users is most valued. It is good to know that their friends and relatives appreciate the quality of care they receive from us as an inpatient or outpatient.”

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Barts Health improved in 27 of 33 areas, and stayed the same in the remaining 6 areas compared to 2015 results.

The Trust's 2016 response rate was 47 per cent, 5 per cent higher than the national average and up from 29 per cent in 2015.

The annual NHS staff survey is used as a tool to guide organisations to areas highlighted as working well by its staff, as well as areas that need improvement. It covers working conditions as well as the quality of care that staff feel that they provide to patients.

Barts Health NHS Trust
With a turnover of £1.4 billion and a workforce of around 16,000, Barts Health is the largest NHS trust in the country, and one of Britain’s leading healthcare providers. The Trust’s five hospitals – St Bartholomew’s Hospital in the City, including the Barts Heart Centre, The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, Newham University Hospital in Plaistow, Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone and Mile End Hospital – deliver high quality compassionate care to the 2.5 million people of East London and beyond.


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