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Listening into Action

We are on a mission to change things for the better. We want to deliver safe and compassionate care to every one of our patients, and for our staff to feel valued and proud working here.

Achieving our ambition for excellence through Listening into Action

Key to this is listening to our staff and supporting them to make the changes they want to see for our patients and for the way we work.

We’ve been using Listening into Action, an approach that is tried and tested elsewhere in the NHS. Trusts that have adopted Listening into Action are seeing a big impact on the quality of patient care and, critically, how staff feel.

Our refreshed Safe and Compassionate improvement plan outlined core priorities to deliver our ambition for excellence over the next year. To help us achieve these, we have launched a new set of Listening into Action teams across our hospitals, clinical support services and corporate services.

This year, we are joining forces to focus on five areas:

  • Infection control: making excellent infection control a way of life for our staff
  • End of life care: delivering compassionate care to patients at the end of their lives
  • Safe wards: keeping our patients safe on all of our wards all of the time, learning from mistakes and spreading good practice 
  • Inclusion: recognising, nurturing and promoting the talents of our BME staff in a trust that is free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation
  • Celebrating success: sharing stories, learning, good ideas and best practice to enable spread and make our staff feel valued

We also have five additional teams across our hospitals, clinical support services and corporate services to deliver the improvements we set ourselves in our Safe and Compassionate improvement plan.

Watch our short film which gives a snapshot of some of the successes and improvements we've seen as a result of adopting the Listening into Action approach.


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