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Acute medicine

We provide acute medical services for patients who require short-term care for urgent or emergency conditions. Most of our patients come from London and Essex – although we also see people from further afield.

We are a consultant-led service that provides rapid assessment and treatment for patients with urgent and emergency conditions. Some patients will go home after their visit whilst others will stay in hospital where they will receive the care that they need on a specialist medical ward. Each patient is quickly assessed by an acute medicine consultant – and may also see a specialist doctor, such as a cardiologist, within 24 hours. 

Following our assessments, the patient may receive immediate treatment, or be admitted for further care on one of our specialist medical wards. Many patients are able to go home with 12 hours and are provided with access to support services if they need them. We offer dedicated short stay units, for patients with urgent and emergency conditions, who need to stay in the hospital. If further hospital care is required, the patient will be admitted to one of our specialist medical wards. 

If you need emergency medical treatment, please visit your local emergency department or dial 999 for an ambulance.

We provide acute medicine services from:


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