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As a patient, you will need a referral to our service. This may come via your GP, or if it is an emergency, please go to your nearest emergency department.

Our patients are aged 16 and over, and come to us with a wide range of conditions, including heart and circulatory, respiratory, liver, gastro-intestinal, endocrine and neurological disorders.

If you have been referred to the Barts Health acute medicine service you may expect to stay in one of our units for a short period of time. This may range between 24-48 hours depending on your individual circumstances and the unit where you are being treated.

Your medical team will involve you in your care and treatment plan. At the end of your stay in the acute medicine service, you with either be discharged to the care of your GP or transferred to an inpatient ward, depending on your individual needs.

If you do not speak English, or you are caring for someone who does not speak English, then we may be able to provide an interpreter for your visit. Please ask a member of staff for advice.


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