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We have a dedicated fast-response team made up of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and specialist nurses. Their aim is to help to fast-track patients’ rehabilitation so that they can return home as quickly as possible.

Acute medicine also has a dedicated alcohol and drug dependency team, and a homeless team, to work with our more vulnerable patients. Patients are also supported by a follow-up clinic and an outpatient antibiotic service.

We make sure that our patients are seen by the right type of doctor, in the right setting, first time. This in line with the philosophy of acute medicine and standards set by the Royal College of Physicians and NHS London. Our team works closely with other departments within the hospital, helping to ensure that patients with complex needs are able to go home as quickly as possible.

Our team includes consultants, specialist registrars, core medical trainees, GP trainees, foundation doctors and nurse specialists, who work together to provide the best possible care for acutely unwell patients. Patients who do not require admission may be seen in the Ambulatory Care Unit, and followed up as an outpatient or referred to the appropriate specialty clinic where necessary.

Our hospitals attract a high concentration of complex cases and as a result we have some of Britain’s leading specialists on our team. All our patients benefit from this expertise. In addition, our teaching hospital status means that we have a higher proportion of doctors and nurses to patients than non-teaching hospitals.


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