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Benefits of volunteering

There are many reasons people volunteer at Barts Health and also some benefits. 

Benefits of volunteering for Barts Health

  • Making a difference – you’ll really make a difference to someone’s life by volunteering with us
  • Improve your confidence – hospitals are busy environments where you’ll learn new skills and gain experience to improve your confidence
  • Meet new people – you’ll get to work with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life
  • Give your CV a boost – if you are considering a career in the health field volunteering in a hospital setting will show willingness and commitment to potential employers
  • Improve your health – various studies have concluded that those who volunteer live longer, have greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer!

What our volunteers say

Chantelle Gray

"My name is Chantelle Gray. I am volunteering as I am interested in becoming a Health Care Assistant and I am volunteering to get some experience. I am a caring person and really want to help other people.

Chantelle Gray

I am currently volunteering as a meeter and greeter at St Bartholomew's Hospital. Doing volunteer work is so warming, little things like helping someone to get to their appointment on time and showing where they need to go makes you feel part of a team.

I have experienced frustrated and anxious patients and I know I have played a role in helping to calm them down. One patient was so pleased that they nominated me for a Barts Health Hero Award. That makes feel good and positive about myself. I went home with a smile knowing I had helped that person.

On my first day volunteering for Barts Health, I had a lady come in by ambulance who needed a pacemaker. It was an emergency and I helped the ambulance to find where it needed to go really quickly. I know that I was instrumental in this patients overall care and wellbeing.

I would recommend people to come and give volunteering a go!"

Dorothy Linter

I joined the team of Volunteers in May 2013 not knowing exactly what I wanted to do or what there was available. I just knew I wanted to be useful and take some of the work load off the regular staff.

After initial training I started helping in the Macmillan Information and Support Centre as with my previous nursing experience it seemed appropriate. I enjoy it very much and have learnt a lot of new skills. It is very rewarding, talking to and advising patients with cancer and their friends and family, has opened my eyes as to just how much our patients have to go through and how bravely they face the future. I am full of admiration of them.

After a year or so I did the training so I could help patients on the wards at meal times. I now also work for an hour at lunchtime on a Cardiac surgical ward helping the patients select their meals for the following day and serving their lunch. This I find rewarding in a different way as I am doing more practical things for the patients recovering from major heart surgery and find that a smile and a cheerful word seems to help, and the patients soon start chatting. The staff on the ward are always kind and patient and make me feel welcome and useful.

All in all I look forward to Mondays and feel good at the end of my shift, I recommend being a volunteer at Barts.


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