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Hospital radio

Our hospital radio volunteers support the smooth running of the hospital radios.

The role of our hospital radio volunteers

Our hospital radio volunteers are normally good listeners who are willing to communicate with anyone as duties in this role include visiting patients on the ward to collect requests, fundraising and publicity.

Hospital radio volunteer tasks include:

  • collecting requests for hospital radio from patients on the ward
  • Participating in fundraising activities for the radio
  • helping out with publicity and events
  • helping with producing shows

Our hospital radio volunteers also carry out other ad hoc duties to ensure the radio is continuously in production for the benefit of patients and their entertainment when needed.


Radio volunteers work across three of our hospital sites. There are currently vacancies at:

Task description form

Download the hospital radio task description here.

Apply to volunteer

To apply download the application form and email it to


For more information about the role of hospital radio volunteers email the volunteers team at


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