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Patient Evaluation Champion

Patient Evaluation Champion volunteers support the I Want Great Care agenda of patient and carer feedback on hospital experience with a view to improving the quality of care and services.

The role of our Patient Evaluation Champion

Our Patient Evaluation Champions invite patients and carers to complete a short electronic survey on discharge. They explain the purpose of the survey which can be either on a tablet or card form.

The role of our Patient Evaluation Champions is to:

  • Referring any patient concerns about their clinical care to a nurse
  • Collecting the electronic tablet from the central office and returning it after use, making sure it is charged
  • Speaking to staff about the data and making sure they are aware of the ward results, both positive and negative
  • Inviting staff to complete the staff friends and family survey

Survey volunteers receive a ‘rounds sheet’ when they arrive for their duty which lists the wards they will visit – it isn’t the same every week. Survey volunteers get very good at finding their way around the hospital and planning the most efficient route to cover the day’s allocated wards!

Survey volunteers speak with the ward clerk on each visited ward to find out which patients are due to go home (or another place of care). They approach these patients and ask (and sometime assist) for their feedback on our service. This is really valuable because we are keen to ensure that as many patients’ voices as possible are heard.

What are the aims of survey volunteering?

Survey volunteers collect feedback from as many patients as possible to enable CUH to learn and continuously improve our service to patients. Survey volunteers have the time to listen and gain available feedback from patients. This frees up nursing staff to spend more time on the clinical care of patients.

Is it for me?

Survey volunteers enjoy talking to people and are comfortable working independently with minimal supervision. It suits people who like a structure and defined purpose to their volunteering session. Survey volunteers need to be excellent communicators, to interact effectively with both staff and patients.


Patient Evaluation Champions work on across all of our hospital sites. There are currently vacancies in:

  • all clinical areas across all of our hospital sites

Task description form

Download the full Patient Evaluation Champion task description here.

Apply to volunteer

To apply download the application form and email it to


For more information about the role of Patient Evaluation Champion email the volunteers team at


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