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Patients with learning disabilities

The Trust supports patients with learning disabilities by giving them a Hospital Passport.

Hospital passports have been developed to support the care of adults with learning disabilities and autism when going to hospital. They help to provide information necessary for appropriate care planning and discharge arrangements. The Hospital Passport is a document which can be completed online, making it easier for it to be amended and kept up to date.

Find out more about the Hospital Passport here.

How does the passport work?

The aim of the Hospital Passport is to provide our staff with information about yourself and your carers during a hospital visit. This information will help us work in partnership with you and your carers in meeting your needs when using our hospital services. The Passport is designed to be completed by a person who knows you best, in the community before your first hospital visit, or prior to a planned admission to help with assessment and planning.

The Passport uses a traffic light system. This means that all essential information about you must be written in the red section, this will alert staff to any extremely important information or specific requirements you might have or your parent/carer may need. The amber section is for important information about your day-to-day activities and finally information about your likes and dislikes can be documented in the green section. 

Download your Hospital Passport here.


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