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We use iWantGreatCare as a way of supporting patients to rate and review their care through a wide range of channels.

We know that the best way to improve our services is by actively listening to the people who use them. This year, we started using iWantGreatCare to help us respond quickly to real-time feedback from our patients.

What is iWantGreatCare?

iWantGreatCare is a service which makes it simple and safe for patients to provide ratings and reviews of their experience, and know that it will make a difference

How do I give feedback through iWantGreatCare?

Patients can give feedback through a wide range of channels, including online, via tablets and bespoke paper forms. Dedicated volunteers are also on hand to support patients to provide feedback and help us learn even more about their experiences.

You can rate and review our services on the iwantgreatcare website here.



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